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Why do spots appear on men's faces?

As we get older, the skin processes become slower and more inefficient, the appearance of spots on men's faces due to the sun is nothing more than a sign that the skin accumulates melanin and is not able to eliminate it at the right pace.

How do spots appear on men's faces?

Melanin, which is made to protect us from radiation that accumulates unevenly, can cause spots to appear on lighter faces (hypopigmentation) and on those skins that no longer produce it properly, causing an uneven tone.

Sun spots on men´s faces and on the chest, produced by the passage of time, are the result of excessive melanin production, known as hyperpigmentation, on the face, hands, neck and chest.

Unlike freckles, which appear in people of all ages, these types of spots usually appear after the age of 40 and are associated with skin aging and sun damage.

There are different types of spots on the face, also in men, in younger skins appear nice freckles, which over time can turn into spots.

Men without hair accumulate a lot of radiation in the area of the head, being very frequent the spots on the skin of this area, in other cases protected by the hair.

In men, spots also appear on the chest area, shoulders... Because, even if we protect the face, it is common for men to still want to be tanned in summer.

Facial treatments for spots on men's faces can be applied to the neck and chest area.

How to treat and prevent the appearance of sun spots on men's faces?

In the case of sun spots on a man's face, it is essential to incorporate an exfoliator into your beauty routine to remove the outermost layers of the skin.

Above all, it is beneficial to use products against the three most visible signs of aging caused by the sun: wrinkles, loss of firmness and spots. You already know that skin has a memory effect, so it is best to treat it before age spots appear on the skin.

Protecting your skin on a daily basis, not just in summer, and avoiding sunbathing with the intention of getting a tan, is key if your concern is dark skin spots caused by the sun.

Incorporate active ingredients into your nighttime routine that accelerate the skin processes that slow down over the years, so that you have an adequate rate of renewal and your skin is able to self-regenerate and not accumulate excess melanin.

In the morning, incorporate treatment products with antioxidants such as vitamin C, vitamin E or niacinamide (vitamin B3).

How to avoid them?

To prevent spots on men's faces, it is necessary to know that the main cause of hyperpigmentation is sun exposure. Of course, using sunscreen all year round will make a difference in the appearance of sun spots on the face.

Using a high SPF all year round is essential if you want to prevent UV-induced spots on the face.

Force Supreme Blue Pro-Retinol Serum thanks to the key ingredient Pro-Retinol, which is an active ingredient capable of restoring the optimal speed of skin renewal processes, together with the amplifying power of Life Plankton, create a unique ingredient in this formula.

What makes it unique? This anti-aging serum for men acts against visible and non-visible signs of aging: it prevents 76% of the signs of skin aging before they appear and visibly reduces wrinkles and blemishes on men's skin in one month.

The power of blue pro-retinol in total bio-affinity with men's skin provides a synergistic repairing action.

Amplified by Bioscience and enriched with potent reconstructing blue algae and ultra-rejuvenating pro-retinol, infused in a serum with an ultra-sensorial texture, it reduces the appearance of wrinkles and works to contour the facial oval.

Thanks to the 3% blue tech algae antioxidant algae complex, it acts on non-visible signs of aging. Deep repair, to intercept the signs of aging (loss of elasticity and firmness) in each layer of men's skin.

0.2% pro-retinol: acts against visible signs of aging, corrects wrinkles and dullness.

How to reduce them?

At Biotherm we tell you how to get rid of sun spots on men's faces.

Sun spots on the face can be treated in two different ways: either with the dermatologist, through a series of chemical peel or laser procedures; or at home, with the help of an effective anti-aging skin care routine.

Thanks to the latest technological innovation, Force Supreme Dual Concentrate combines the illuminating power of ferulic acid and the anti-aging efficacy of blue algae extract in a unique double serum at just the right time. In one click, discover the ultimate transformative fusion that instantly activates your skin, leaving it younger and more luminous by eliminating age spots.

Against blemishes on men's skin, sun protection

There are undeniable facts: few things are as pleasurable as the sensation of the sun's rays on our face while listening to the murmur of the sea breeze in the background... (Or are they?). However, those long hours of endless relaxation may have left you with more than just a nice tan.

At Biotherm, we have a solar line that respects the marine ecosystems waterlover and, in addition, our formulas contain niacinamide to treat blemishes and other signs of aging and vitamin E, which thanks to its antioxidant power prevents the signs of aging.

Waterlover SPF 50. The anti-wrinkle sunscreen with a clinically proven formula that offers the skin very high protection against UVA and UVB rays. It helps prevent signs of premature aging due to UV exposure, such as dark spots or wrinkles.

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