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Eau d'Énergie Body Milk

Energizing Body Milk

Eau d'Energie Body Milk

Eau d'Énergie Body Milk

Unlock your skin’s energy with this beautifying perfumed body cream. Eau d’Énergie’s silky, shimmering body cream has a velvety texture enriched with natural ingredients—apricot extract, Vitamin E, Vitamin F and 27% of fruit essences— and melts gently onto your skin.

Apply daily after shower or bath all over the body.

Environmental & social impact


Environmental & social impact

Biotherm is committed to continually improving the impact of their products
throughout the product lifecycle, including the production and usage phase, and gives you access to this data with full transparency.

Calculation method approved by independent scientific experts and data verified by independent auditor Bureau Veritas Certification.

Overall environmental impact

111 per usage dose
34 per 10mL

0.72 per usage dose
2.2 per 10mL

This impact score is based on the simulated usage of 1 product and 4 refills.

Manufacturing conditions

Renewable energy:

Enviromental impact of the packaging

% of bottle made of recycled material3 including colorant:
Refillable or reusable:

Social impact of the product​

The ingredients and components of this product are
sourced from suppliers committed to respect the .

7 suppliers committed to the social inclusion of people from vulnerable communities contributed to making this product.

1Grams of CO2 equivalent ("body moisturizer" category average = 12g)
2Water index including water quality + water scarcity (m3) - "body moisturizer" category average = 2.6
3Excluding closing system
4Recycling instructions may vary locally

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