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Want healthy skin but don't know where to start exactly? For resilient, revitalized skin, it is essential to follow a skincare routine that is tailored to your individual skin type. If you still don't know what skin type you have or what the right skincare routine includes, don't worry - here you can learn more about facial care for men.

13 Jul 2021


Dry skin in winter

Have you just started to care for your skin with targeted skin care? Or do you feel like your skincare routine isn't quite right? Anyway, it is important that you first determine your skin type and then apply appropriate products. These should aim to protect your skin from external aggressors, strengthen it, and counteract skin aging. Below you will learn everything about the best skincare routine depending on your skin type.

What skin type am I?

Assessing your skin type isn't always easy, but once you've determined it, it's much easier to find an efficient skincare routine with the right products. There are different skin types:

Oily skin: oily skin is caused by increased sebum production. Does your skin tend to show signs of acne, is often shiny, but at the same time looks dull and has large pores, pimples, and blackheads? You probably have oily skin.

Dry skin: if your skin tightens quickly, tends to itch and looks rough and slightly scaly in places, then it is very likely that you have dry skin.

Normal skin: if your skin is rather supple, soft, and has fine pores, you probably have normal skin (lucky you!). But that doesn't mean you don't have to take care of it.

Combination skin: it is possible to have two different skin types simultaneously: normal to dry skin around the cheeks and chin, and oily skin on the T-zone (on the forehead and nose). The different characteristics of combination skin make the skincare routine for the face more difficult. This skin type is actually a subcategory of oily skin and is called "seborrhea sicca".

In addition to the four skin types, there are also different skin conditions such as sensitive skin, blemished skin, and mature skin. Skin conditions, except for mature skin, are usually temporary and can affect any skin type. For example, your skin may be oily and sensitive at the same time. Mature skin, on the other hand, occurs sooner or later in each of us. It is a testament to the amount of time passed. In fact, with age, the skin develops and changes its appearance. Mature skin usually lacks moisture and elasticity. Wrinkles, fine lines, and age spots arise.

The right facial care routine for your skin type

How to clean oily skin?

Due to increased sebum production, oily skin tends to be shiny and greasy. Our intense, usually stressful city life does the rest: fast-paced everyday life often leaves skin feeling dirty, prone to impurities, and even more shiny than usual. That's why oily skin needs mattifying care that clarifies it deeply.

Enriched with a marine mineral complex containing antibacterial seaweed extract and zinc, the T-Pur skincare range for men helps to cleanse the skin and remove all signs of shine caused by oily skin. As a first step in the optimal skincare routine for oily skin, you should start with a facial cleanser, such as the T-Pur Cleanser to rid your skin of impurities, regulate sebum production, and curb excessive sweating. The skin is matted, feels cleaner, and the pores are tightened. After this first step of cleansing, it is still recommendable to clarify and neutralize the skin with a toner. Finally, the Aquapower Advanced Gel moisturizer keeps your skin looking nourished and matte all day. With its lightweight, refreshing, and ultra-absorbent gel texture, this moisturizer instantly penetrates your skin and prevents any signs of shine, for thoroughly clear skin.

Which moisturizer works for normal, combination, and dry skin?

In order to be healthy and resilient, skin needs a good moisturizer, which can also provide good protection against the effects of an intense city life. Indeed, urban life has an impact on your skin, and that's exactly why it needs to be able to regenerate and be strengthened to withstand external factors (pollution, climate, shaving etc.).

Do you have normal, combination, or dry skin and want to strengthen it with an efficient skincare routine? The Aquapower Moisturizer is just the thing for you. With its Oligo-Thermal formula - a combination of hydrating and revitalizing amino acids and vitamins E, C and B5, enhanced by the soothing effects of Life Plankton™ - this ultra-moisturizing skin care hydrates your skin and leaves it fresh, invigorated, and supple.

For dry skin there is a richer variant which is also enriched with glycerin to keep the skin supple. Day after day, your skin becomes more resistant, better withstands the daily external aggressors, and feels pleasantly nourished all day.

You should also not apply skin care directly to normal, dry, and especially combination skin, but start by cleansing your face. Start with the Aquapower Cleanser to remove dirt, fine dust and excess sebum, prevent impurities, and refresh the skin. With a refreshing gel formula that turns into foam, skin is left clean and feeling smooth and comfortable. The mild gel does not dry out the skin and is therefore ideal for sensitive, dehydrated, and dry skin.

How do I care for mature skin?

As we get older, signs of aging can appear. The skin loses elasticity and moisture, so the complexion often looks sallow and dull. This appearance is also caused by the fact that, with age, the skin is usually more prone to dryness and tends to become more sensitive. Now it's time for a deep-acting anti-aging skincare product that intensely supplies your skin with nutrients and regenerates it.

Enriched with Algae of Youth™ extract, Life Plankton™ and Pro-Xylane™, the Force Supreme Cream responds to all signs of aging. The anti-aging cream tightens sagging skin, makes it more resistant, and strengthens the skin's structure. Applied as a day and night cream, the skin is strengthened, plumped and tightened. For maximum efficiency you can combine the cream with the Force Supreme Blue Serum, a serum specially formulated to reduce wrinkles, firm the skin, and increase its elasticity. With this kind of anti-aging skincare routine, sagging, dry skin is hydrated, smoothed, and revitalized.

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