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We all love beautiful radiant skin. But we would gladly do without the blackheads, pimples, and acne scars that take us back to our teenage years. Acne in men, also called acne tarda, is more common than you think. Here, we will tell you how to recognize adult acne, which cleansing and skincare products can quickly help, and how you can prevent those annoying skin blemishes.

30 Jun 2022


Dry skin in winter


According to experts, up to 40% of adults between 25 and 45 years suffer from acne tarda¹ - Men slightly less often than women. Often, teenage acne (acne vulgaris) also progresses to acne tarda in the mid-20s.

But beware: while acne vulgaris is mainly noticeable in the T-zone, adult acne occurs more frequently along the cheeks, on the chin, on the lower jawline, and on the neck² . You can recognize them by the following symptoms:

  • Impurities are formed by microcomedones (preliminary stage of blackheads)
  • Inflammatory papules and pustules (pustules)
  • Skin is often prone to dryness
  • Enlarged pores
  • It often also occur on the shoulders and back


The causes of adult acne in men are many. While women often suffer from acne tarda due to hormonal fluctuations, acne in men in their 20s, 30s, or 40s often develops due to external factors. The good news: you can easily avoid most of the causes:

  • Wrong skin care and shaving products:
    If you use skincare products that do not suit your skin type or dull razor blades, skin blemishes will quickly become noticeable.
  • Stress:
    If your body produces more stress hormones, this leads to an increase in the production of corneocytes and sebum.
  • Genetic predisposition:
    Often the cause lies in the family and is inherited.
  • Unhealthy diet:
    If you eat mainly unhealthy fats, carbohydrates, and only a few fruits and vegetables, this will quickly affect the appearance of your skin.
  • Supplements and steroids:
    You are constantly in the gym and regularly take protein powder, creatine, or even steroids? Too much protein as well as some other supplements can promote the development of acne.
  • Medication: Not only steroids, but also other drugs, such as antidepressants or antiepileptics, promote pimples etc.
  • Alcohol and nicotine consumption:
    Nicotine and other toxins trigger oxidative stress in the body, which can lead to changes in the lipids in the skin.
  • Forgotten about sunscreen?
    UV radiation is not only considered the main trigger of wrinkles etc. but can also promote acne. If you do not protect your skin sufficiently from the sun, it becomes callused, and the sebum can no longer drain properly.


When the inflammatory skin lesions subside, visible skin changes such as pimple marks, acne scars, hyperpigmentation, or discoloration often remain. You can effectively counteract this with the right skincare routine.


We also know, as a man you love to keep things simple. Endless skincare routines, jars, and creams in the bathroom cabinet only overwhelm us unnecessarily. Nevertheless, a shower gel cannot be used as a substitute to a facial cleansing product, and all-in-one products for hair, body, and face should be left on the drugstore shelf in the future. They often contain soap molecules and sulfates that severely dry out your skin. The skin reacts to this by producing even more sebum - the trigger for blackheads and pimples.

  1. Daily facial cleansing
    Nevertheless, cleansing is the be-all and end-all for adult acne. Washing your face daily in the morning and evening will not only remove dirt particles and sweat from your skin, but also dead skin cells that can clog your pores. The soap-free Biotherm Homme T-Pur Cleanser gently and thoroughly cleanses your skin and beard hair thanks to its pH-neutral formula.
  2. Facial scrub for deep cleansing
    You can achieve an additional cleansing effect with a gentle peeling: Apply a deep cleansing scrub, such as the Force Supreme Cleanser from Biotherm, once or twice a week. The peeling gel removes excess sebum and skin flakes, smoothes your skin's texture, and optimally prepares your skin for the following skincare products.
  3. Use the right skincare products
    When choosing serums and moisturizers, the right active ingredients play a major role. The Force Supreme Blue Serum with Pro-Retinol not only counteracts the signs of skin aging, but also restores the function of the protective skin barrier. Since retinol has an exfoliating effect, the active ingredient reduces sebum production and thus refines pores and dissolves pimples and other skin impurities. It is also considered as a real miracle weapon against pimple marks and acne scars! Other active ingredients that help you treat adult acne are, for example:
    • Salicylic acid
    • Alpha hydroxy acids (AHA acids)
    • Niacinamide
    • Alumina
    • Azelaic acid
Notice: An untidy beard is a real playground for bacteria that lead to acne. The wrong razor also promotes pimples. Therefore, choose a razor that does not cause irritation or redness. Electric razors are often gentler than hand razors. After shaving, you should give your skin a little rest: the Anti-Feu Du Rasoir After-Shave moisturizes and soothes the skin immediately after application.


If you are only starting to get to grips with it, you should simply follow the subsequent skincare routine. However, always make sure to use products tailored to your skin type:

  1. Cleansing
    Massage a cleansing product, such as purifying T-Pur Cleanser gently into the skin and then rinse it off thoroughly. Tip: always cleanse and care for your skin with clean hands to avoid spreading unnecessary bacteria around your skin.
  2. Serum and moisturizer
    For an extra dose of care, a serum such as the Force Supreme Blue Serum can be applied directly after cleansing. While the serum is optional, the daily moisturizer is considered an absolute must. Want to soften your wrinkles? The Force Supreme Youth Architect Cream provides intensive moisture, has a regenerating effect, and leaves the skin feeling noticeably smoothed and cared for. Aquapower SPF14 Gel is ideal for all men who are looking for a light day cream with SPF. The non-greasy formula is quickly absorbed into the skin and gives a long-lasting feeling of freshness!
  3. Beard care
    Under your beard, you can generally use the same skincare products that you use on your entire face. However, be sure to apply a soothing after-shave protect to the skin to eliminate any unnecessary stress.

Nahaufnahme Mann schaut zur Kamera


Especially for stubborn blemishes, sometimes a good skincare routine just isn't enough. The following tips can help you to soothe the annoying pustules and pimples:

  • Do not squeeze pimples yourself!
    Even if it is incredibly tempting, fingers off! Your fingers are never clinically clean, and bacteria spread faster than you think. The best solution: have a professional beautician or dermatologist cleanse your skin regularly.
  • Opt for breathable clothing
    Skin blemishes on the shoulders or back are often caused by increased sweating. Therefore, avoid synthetic fabrics - especially when working out or in the gym. Breathable fabrics, such as cotton or linen are not only healthier for your skin, but also feel more comfortable.
  • Clean pillows and towels
    As you snuggle comfortably in your bed, the bacteria and germs from your pillow can spread all over your face. Therefore, change your bed linen once or twice a week. Be aware: there are also countless bacteria on used towels and on your smartphone screen.
  • Sufficient fluids & a balanced diet
    Besides unhealthy fats and carbohydrates, dairy products can also promote acne because they contain a lot of proteins. On the other hand, salmon, mackerel, high-quality flax, and hemp oil, as well as fruits and vegetables, ginger, and turmeric are considered real superfoods for adult acne.
  • Cheating is allowed!
    Even as a man you can conceal impurities! If your long-awaited date is coming up, a concealer offers you quick relief.

Nahaufnahme Mann schaut zur Kamera

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Men's skin is also happy about a good care routine and products that suit the skin type. Although men's skin is generally more robust than women's, it needs good care to stay beautiful for a long time. We tell you more about men's care products, the right shaving care and how to keep your skin vital and clean. We will also explain more about your skin type and the special features. For example, did you know that men's skin tends to produce more sebum than women's skin and therefore requires different, lighter care? Here in Biotherm Magazine you will find selected men's grooming tips that you can easily integrate into your daily routine.

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