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As you get older, you probably notice fine lines and pigment spots on your face more and more often. Your skin also looks a little duller and becomes paler with age. These are all the first signs of aging skin. But the good news is that you can counteract this natural skin aging process with the right anti-aging skincare products for men. Learn how to do it here!

20 Sep 2021


Anti-aging care for men

Why does skin age?

The aging process is part of life. Of course, this also affects men's skin. Even though men's skin is usually somewhat thicker and therefore more robust than women's skin, it still develops lines, wrinkles and pigment spots over the years. Wrinkles become noticeable more quickly especially in the areas around the eyes and mouth. The skin here is thinner than in the rest of the face and often drier. However, in addition to genetic factors, external factors also affect skin aging. The first thing to mention here is UV radiation. Their influence is the main reason for the premature appearance of wrinkles. Lifestyle and diet are also important for your skin. For example, smokers age visually faster than non-smokers.

How can I optimize my anti-aging skin care for men?

To prevent skin aging, taking care of your skin at an early age is worthwhile. Creams with a sun protection factor are recommended here, as are products with hyaluron and vitamins. It is important that you keep your facial care consistent and adjust it according to the seasons. For summer, that means daily sun protection. In winter, it is best to use creams with a lot of moisture and lipids, because in winter the skin dries out even faster due to factors such as air from heating systems and cold weather. When it comes to anti-aging care from within, healthy eating and regular exercise are high on the list. With these simple tricks you can already do a lot for your skin.

Antiaging men's care

A step-by-step guide to counteracting men's wrinkles

The way to long-lasting youthful skin is through an adapted skincare routine. This starts with daily cleansing:

  1. Tip: cleanse thoroughly with caring active ingredients
  2. Use cleansing gels that remove dirt and sebum from the skin and provide plenty of moisture. This is important to prevent dryness and wrinkling. The Aquapower Cleanser by Biotherm Homme is suitable for cleansing the skin on your face. In addition to providing intense moisture, the gel offers your skin valuable minerals and trace elements. This strengthens the skin barrier and makes it more robust against environmental aggressors.

    Aquapower Homme

  3. Tip: protect the eye area from wrinkles
  4. Signs of aging often first appear around the eyes. After all, the area around the eyes is the most sensitive part of the face. The skin around the eyes is thinner and more prone to dryness than the rest of your face. That is why the first fine lines and wrinkles appear here. To counteract small wrinkles, you should take particularly good care of the skin around the eyes. A special eye serum, such as the Force Supreme Eye Architect Serum can be beneficial here. It softens dark circles and visually plumps up wrinkles. Thanks to the cooling applicator, the serum revitalizes the skin and counteracts swelling. The eye serum for men has an ultra-fresh, matte and non-greasy texture that is quickly absorbed into the skin. Massage the anti-aging serum around the eye area in the morning and/or evening. This way you encourage rested looking eyes and support skin regeneration at the same time.

  5. Tip: firm your skin with an anti-aging serum
  6. Aren't serums only for women? Definitely not! Men's skin is also happy to receive intense skincare products. The light texture of serums is also absorbed very quickly - perfect for summer. Special anti-aging serums, such as the Biotherm Homme Force Supreme Blue Serum, counteract wrinkles, sagging skin and a sallow complexion, and promote firmer skin. Always use the serum after cleansing and before the cream, so that it is fully absorbed by the skin.

    Men's Grooming FORCE SUPREME

  7. Tip: use a moisturizer
  8. To counteract wrinkles and other signs of aging, it is important to use moisturizing skincare products for men. These return valuable moisture to the skin and in turn reduce the signs of aging and plump up the skin's surface. The products used should always be tailored to the needs of your skin. With Youth Algae extracts™, Life Plankton™ and Pro-Xylane™ the Force Supreme Cream ensures that your skin looks more even and smoothed in the long term. The moisturizer for men improves your skin's texture by reducing small wrinkles and firming the skin. Your skin will radiate youthfulness and be refreshed once again. Always use the cream on a cleansed face. It is best to add it to your skincare routine in the morning and evening.

  9. Tip: facial massages provide multiple benefits
  10. Massages relax the muscles, promote the skin's metabolism and can make it more receptive to nourishing active ingredients. These are just some of the great reasons to include regular facial massages in your anti-aging skincare routine for men. Gently massage your skincare products into your face. While doing so, rub the skin between your fingers and gently work the serums and creams into the face. The pleasant effect of this massage not only does you good, but also effectively improves the elasticity of your skin.

  11. Tip: use cream with sun protection factor
  12. Our skin is not only exposed to the influence of UV radiation in summer. We are surrounded by radiation all year round. Since it ages the skin faster, you should reach for a day cream with a sun protection factor. This is how you effectively combat wrinkles and pigment spots. Your skin will thank you with a youthful and smooth looking complexion for longer. For everyday use, the sun protection factor in your day care should be at least 14. Protect yourself from daily UV rays with the Aquapower SPF moisturizer with sun protection factor 14.

  13. Tip: a healthy lifestyle for all-round beautiful skin
  14. A balanced lifestyle, healthy diet, and regular workouts make the skin look more youthful. Exercise has a positive effect on the entire body and thus also benefits the skin. The metabolism is stimulated and cell regeneration is accelerated. Combine regular exercise with a balanced diet and benefit from a revitalized and youthful appearance!

    Counteract wrinkles and pigment spots with our anti-aging tips for men. Experience our effective anti-aging skincare products for men firsthand and adjust your lifestyle accordingly. This will help you mitigate signs of aging and exude an extra burst of vitality.


Men's skin is also happy about a good care routine and products that suit the skin type. Although men's skin is generally more robust than women's, it needs good care to stay beautiful for a long time. We tell you more about men's care products, the right shaving care and how to keep your skin vital and clean. We will also explain more about your skin type and the special features. For example, did you know that men's skin tends to produce more sebum than women's skin and therefore requires different, lighter care? Here in Biotherm Magazine you will find selected men's grooming tips that you can easily integrate into your daily routine.

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