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You're in your prime and you're in the middle of life. Of course, that demands a lot. So, make sure that your body and skin stay in check with a healthy lifestyle and adapted skin care. Get the best out of your skin with our facial skin care for men designed for those over 50!

18 Oct 2021


Dry skin in winter

Skin facts: Did you know...?

The following facts about skin should give you an understanding of what skin does every day and why looking after it is so important.

  1. Fact: the skin is the human body's largest organ
    If you were to spread out the skin flat, the resulting surface area would measure around two square meters.
  2. Fact: your skin protects you every day
    The skin protects you from external aggressors such as UV radiation, fine dust, ozone, and germs. It also forms the body's most important protective barrier.
  3. Fact: it supports the body's thermal regulation
    When it's hot, we sweat to cool the body down. This is vital and helps us regulate body temperature.
  4. Fact: the skin renews itself regularly
    On average, the skin renews itself every 28 days. For this purpose, the old skin cells on the surface of the skin are shed and replaced by new ones.
  5. Fact: the skin absorbs vital vitamins
    With the help of sunlight, your skin produces vitamin D, which is important for bone and muscle functioning, among other things.
  6. Fact: it is a storage supply
    A variety of hormones are produced in the different layers of the skin. These keep your metabolism running smoothly. Water and fat are also stored in the skin.
  7. Fact: it is robust and oily
    Compared to women's skin, men's skin is about 20 percent thicker. It is also more oily. The reason for this is the male sex hormone, testosterone.
  8. Fact: men age later
    Since men's skin is naturally oilier, it develops wrinkles later. For this, the pores tend to clog due to increased sebum production. This in turn leads to more frequent blemishes.
  9. Fact: skin aging can be prevented
    With the right skin care, blemishes and wrinkles can be prevented. It is important that the products used are tailored to your skin type and corresponding skin needs.
  10. Fact: mature men's skin must be protected
    Even though mature men's skin marked by life and experiences is attractive to many people, you probably want to avoid a wrinkled face. By adopting a skincare regimen for men over 50, you can protect your skin from the signs of aging and provide it with important active ingredients.

Why is skin care important for men over 50?

As you can see, the skin is a very important organ. So, protect it with the right care! Those who start caring for their skin at a young age will benefit from a nourished and even complexion. But even in old age, the skin should not be neglected because it needs ever more attention when this time comes. Allow us to show you which skincare products are suitable for men over 50.

Nahaufnahme Mann schaut zur Kamera

Your routine: facial care for men over 50

With age, the skin loses moisture and elasticity. This makes you look older than you feel. So, it's high time you take action against it. In your daily skincare routine, it's worth relying on high-quality ingredients that can slow down the skin's aging process. Biotherm Homme skincare can help you do just that.

Nahaufnahme Mann schaut zur Kamera

  • Step 1: thorough cleansing is fundamental

The be-all and end-all of beautiful men's skin is daily cleansing. This removes sebum, sweat and traces of dirt from the pores, ensures that the skin can breathe, and blemishes do not appear in the first place.

  • Step 2: an anti-aging serum works deep down under the skin

An anti-aging serum with a patented active complex is suitable for intensive skin care for men over 50. Biotherm Homme's Force Supreme Blue Serum strengthens skin from the inside out. This smoothes wrinkles and tightens the facial contours. After cleansing, pat the anti-wrinkle serum into the skin and proceed to the next step.

  • Step 3: a well-rested look thanks to eye care

A good anti-aging routine naturally includes eye care. After all, fine lines and wrinkles appear first around the eyes. With age, sagging can also appear under the eyes, making you look tired. To quickly revitalize the eye area, use the Force Supreme Eye Architect Serum. The firming anti-wrinkle eye serum reduces dark circles and puffiness, creating an overall more alert look. Blue-green algae extract, Pro-Xylane™ and Life Plankton™ have a smoothing, firming and skin renewing effect.

  • Step 4: the right face cream for men over 50

To make your skin fit for the day, it needs to be cared for in the form of an anti-aging cream. With the Force Supreme Cream, you counteract five signs of aging at once: the face cream ensures optimal hydration of the skin, smoothes wrinkles and gives you a radiant complexion. In addition, the cream has a skin tightening and smoothing effect, so you are always up to the challenges of everyday life.

  • Step 5: a night cream has a regenerating effect

A night cream also provides very good support for mature men's skin. During the night, the skin cells regenerate and compensate for the day's deficiencies. Force Supreme Black Regenerating Care is enriched with a special alga extract that energizes skin cells and makes them more resistant.

As you can see, a lot can be achieved with adapted skincare products. Remember to also protect your skin from UV radiation and other free radicals. A healthy lifestyle with a balanced diet and exercise lays the foundation for this.


Men's skin is also happy about a good care routine and products that suit the skin type. Although men's skin is generally more robust than women's, it needs good care to stay beautiful for a long time. We tell you more about men's care products, the right shaving care and how to keep your skin vital and clean. We will also explain more about your skin type and the special features. For example, did you know that men's skin tends to produce more sebum than women's skin and therefore requires different, lighter care? Here in Biotherm Magazine you will find selected men's grooming tips that you can easily integrate into your daily routine.

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